#9 - Social Media versus Data Privacy & GDPR

#9 - Social Media versus Data Privacy & GDPR

April 18, 2018

I was a late adopter waiting until about 2007 before getting onto Facebook. Back in the 2000s I remember my brother calling Facebook a platform for narcissists. Just over 10 years later and 2.3 Billion narcissists later he and I are both active participants.

I don’t think he was wrong! To a degree of course. I think Facebook, to take a positive spin, provides an outlet for many people to express themselves without directly expressing themselves.  Kind of like wearing a Nike t-shirt. Do I like sports or do like to look like I like sports? Hard to know and you’d need a larger piece of the profile to figure it out but the point remains, I’ve made a statement without having to say anything.

Facebook allows people to ‘share’, ‘like’, or ’emoji’ to provide indicators of their feelings without the risk of direct criticism to direct messaging. In fact don’t we find it a bit annoying sometimes when somebody breaches the unwritten rules and posts something blatantly opinionated… I mean come on people… allude to your feelings damn it, don’t provide direct feelings, we are not capable of coping with that!

So why the analysis… there is a point and that point is the what has happened over the past few weeks with Facebook and their handling (mishandling) of your data.

Social Media Privacy

Is that a contradiction or oxymoron?  What can we do about our privacy and what regulations will change the face of how our data is handled in the future?

The shownotes for the episode are here in addition to some great tips and links on cleaning up the privacy of your digital presence!

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