#7 - Part 1 - Browse This!  (Browser Security)

#7 - Part 1 - Browse This! (Browser Security)

March 7, 2018

Let me go back to the beginning. 1990!

Shortly after the earth cooled and life began,  Sir Tim Berners-Lee just decided to invent the world wide web.  This was approximately 1990 give or take any prior research and general acceptance of the idea. He also put together the first browser confusingly and yet inspirationally called "WorldWideWeb".

Well now you know how that all started and why it's called what it is. For those of you who were toddlers or perhaps not even born yet a world without the web sounds like a time when everything was in black and white, lit by open flame, the notion of evolution was exciting and new and tablets were made from stone.

Since then things have evolved. The browser which began as a simple visual interpretation of a "markup" language used to create a textual representation of visual elements is now a dangerously functional run-time environment potentially comparable to our host operating system, more than you might expect. 

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