#5 Part 2 - P@$$w0rd5! (Passwords suck)

January 25, 2018

Passwords are a pain in the a$$.  In fact, in an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Fernando Corbató, now 91 years old and the inventor of the password back in the 60s said that passwords have become “kind of a nightmare”.

The current state of the internet wasn’t quite a consideration when passwords first started. Nowadays the average internet user can have upwards of 100-150 different accounts across multiple services.  You might be thinking… not me!   When was the last time you actually tallied up all your online identities.  You might be surprised.  Each service is now putting sufficient password restrictions specifically force you away from the password top 10 list, but ensuring that you’ll probably forget what your password is… unless… you have a system.  A clever system!

In out last episode we talked about bad passwords (the top bad passwords in fact), what makes a good password and how you can make something up that is easy for you to remember but hard for machines to guess.  

This week we talk about password managers.  We include browsers in that as well.  We discuss the reason behind using password managers and offer suggestions for they can improve your standard of password hell provided you obey a few dos and don'ts.  

Finally we end with two factor authentication and the different options for really ensuring you take your personal security to the next level starting with defining authentication mechanisms as 

Something you know (eg. a password)
Something you have (eg. your phone)
Something you are (eg. your fingerprint)

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