#14 - Mobile Security: The Inside Job

January 2, 2019

This was going to be a comparison of major phones, breaking down some of the exploits and weaknesses.  I was potentially going to compare IOS to Android and throw fuel onto an already raging fire amongst smart phone enthusiasts which is, if you’re listening to a podcast, all of us.   Maybe you’re not a geek or a gadget nut but you’re probably far more dependent on that device that you may realise.  You’ve probably never really put a great deal of thought into how much of YOU is locked up in that phone.  You might even have a Kanye-West style pin code like 000000 to unlock it (if you didn’t see the article I posted on the Codifyre Facebook page about the worst passwords and pin-codes of 2018, it’s worth a read.  Kanye tops the bill.

Let’s start with what’s in your phone.

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