#7 - Part 2 - Browse This! (Browser Security)

March 21, 2018

The internet browser, which began as a simple visual interpretation of a "markup" language used to create a textual representation of visual elements is now a dangerously functional run-time environment potentially comparable to our host operating system. 

In this episode we talk about known exploits in the browser from how file types have tricked the browser, and the OS, into giving away credentials to hacked browser extensions, to crypto mining to the potential for trusted websites to undermine our confidence and off up malvertising and lead us off the safe path.

In short... it's a quick, learn from the mistakes of the past, cautionary tale about browsing the internet in the modern (2018) world.  I would be worried that I was dating this podcast but, as it's a tech podcast, it'll be dated faster than you can say Betamax.  So go listen now!

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